Pomegranate P40p™




P40p Pomegranate

P40p™ is a unique product that is carrier-free, soluble in water and standardized to a full spectrum of the essential compounds thought to be responsible for the health promoting benefits of pomegranate juice. P40p™ was developed by Nektium, based in Las Palmas (Canary Island), Spain.

P40p™ pomegranate extract is standardized to a minimum of 40% punicosides and a minimum of 50% total polyphenols. P40p™ contains high levels of antioxidants and natural compounds which may help to reduce the cell damage created by free radicals during the natural biological process in the body.



Pomegranate Fruit vs. P40p™

The key active compounds in pomegranate fruit are a group of hydrolizable ellagitanins generically called punicosides, including punicalins, punicalagins (a+b), ellagic acid glicoside and ellagic acid.

The P40p™ extract is standardized to 40% punicosides with a minimum concentration of 30% punicalagins.  Published literature has identified punicalagins as being responsible for more than 90% of the antioxidant activity of pomegranate fruit.

Pomegranate Fruit Facts:

  • Average Fruit Weight:   350g
  • Average Juice content:   200ml
  • Punicosides content / fruit unit:  40 mg

Our product P40p™ is standardized to 40% punicosides, therefore we could conclude:
Pomegranate Fruit vs. P40p
Thus 1000mg of P40p™ provides approximately the active content of 10 pomegranates.*
Pomegranate Fruit vs. P40p